eBe is Top prestige beauty facility search platform with millions of users and tens of thousands of beauty facilities in Southeast Asia

eBe Points eBe Points is 1 unit for earning points on the eBe Platform for consumers and partners who provide beauty services.

- Unit: points

- Exchange value: 1 VND = 1 point eBe

- How to use eBe:

Use eBe points to deduct cash from 10% -100% of the bill

Use to dial or play games at eBe Platform

Use to consume services and products on the eBe Platform, eBe Manager (live portal, push notification, push top, data, etc.)

- How to collect eBe:

Get rewarded, lucky number dial from the eBe Platform

Consumption: When a User spends a product or service on eBe, the amount the user actually paid to the provider will be converted to as eBe points.

Ex: When paying 10 million in cash to buy a slimming interest rate → earn 10 million eBe points.

Accept conversion: When the provider agrees to convert from 10% - 100% of eBe points to User invoices, the eBe amount deducted from the invoice will accrue to the provider's account.

Ex: Party A has a nose repair service worth: VND 50 million
Party A agrees to convert 20% with eBe points
User (customer) will pay 80% in cash of 40 million, and use 20% of eBe points of 10 million
At this time, after completing the nose repair service, the beauty salon will receive an account including: 40 million cash and 10 million EBe points
Customers are deducted from their 10 million EBe points (because they have converted 20% of the 50 million bill)
Then, the customer also gets 40 million eBe points (for paying 40 million in cash to buy the service)

eBe Manager tools
"Comprehensive management - Revenue breakthrough"

Owning your own App, own Web, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Content Management System (CMS), with the cost from 83,000 VND / month. Help business owners with comprehensive management with just one phone.

Built on React Native, providing the best performance and experience on both Android, iOS, PWA (Progressive Web Apps) and Website

Increased to 70% of revenue in a simple way

With the number of customers with available beauty needs on the eBe platform, it will help the beauty salon reach more customers, better sales and revenue breakthroughs.

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Owning eBe Manager with your own App - own Web - CRM - CMS in only 3 easy steps

Owning eBe Manager with
your own App - own Web - CRM - CMS
in only 3 easy steps

Step 1

Enter booth information and select the App interface

Complete booth information, choose the interface according to the needs and main colors.

Step 2

Completing the contract

Completing the contract and legalize the App of the booth.

Step 3

Store optimization

Optimize, build a complete interface and content to put into operation.

Sample App

Flexible interface, suitable for all industries

Any utilities
serve any purpose

Huge utility warehouse: customer care, appointment reminder, happy birthday, gift giving, point accumulation, up-sale, advertising, data analysis, ...

Reach millions of customer from the eBe community at a cost of 0 VND

No longer depending on the source of customers to spend money running ads from other social networks, owning eBe Manager owns a community of millions of beauty consumers at a cost of 0 VND.

Developing your beauty business with eBe Manager

Nail-eyelash salon

Spray cosmetic tattooing




Hair salon

Beauty salon

Doctors - Experts


Subscription packages of eBe Manager
The packages come with all the features of eBe Manager
Sync content from News Website
E-commerce Functions
App Ads Network
Push Notification
Sync content from Social Network
Payment Portal linking
Map - Location - Direction
Scheduled Notification
Backup and Restore Data
User Login and Profile

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