Complaint Policy

eBe is always responsible for resolving and handling customer’s complaints related to transactions that take place at website. When complaints and disputes have arisen, eBe promotes the settlement by means of negotiation and mediation between the parties.

The process for complaining and settling complaints follows these steps:

Step 1: Customer complains about eBe's service and its quality by sending a complaint email to He/she should enclose relevant information as well as customer information (eBe account name, email). Moreover, he/she can send a complaint letter directly to the address: <Fill in the eBe information in Section A>

Step 2: eBe customer service department will receive the complaint and contact the cusomter to clarify the complaint request as soon as possible. It takes no later than five working days (since the receipt of the complaint request). Depending on the urgency of the incident, eBe will take measures for each specific case.

Step 3: eBe may require customers to provide related information, images, evidence to their transactions and products for verifying, clarifying, and discussing solutions together.

Step 4: In the case that eBe has made an effort to resolve customer complaints, and the incident is beyond the capabilities and authority of eBe, eBe will ask the customer to bring the case to the competent authorities for settlement by the law.

eBe always respects and strictly implements the policies and regulations of the law on protecting the rights of customers in Chapter 4, the Law on Protection of Consumers Interests in 2010 on resolving disputes between consumers, or between organizations or individuals on trading goods and services.